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Anne Kerr, Edmund Wright (Beteiligte)

A Dictionary of World History

With over 4,000 concise and reliable entries
Herausgegeben von Kerr, Anne; Wright, Edmund
3rd, rev. ed. 2015. 752 p. 193 mm
ISBN: 0-19-968569-X (019968569X)
Neue ISBN: 978-0-19-968569-1 (9780199685691)

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This invaluable, wide-ranging A to Z contains over 4,000 concise and reliable entries on all aspects of international history, from ancient times right up to the present day. An ideal quick reference work for students, and a fascinating source of historical information for anyone with an interest in the subject.
This wide-ranging dictionary contains a wealth of information on all aspects of history, from prehistory right up to the present day. Over 4,000 clear, concise entries include biographies of key figures in world history (living and dead), separate entries for every country in the world (summarising key historical events), and in-depth entries on religious and political movements, international organizations, and major conflicts and events and their after-effects.

For this new edition, existing entries have been revised and updated to reflect the very latest global events including changes in leadership, wars, political situations, and the statistical information given for each country (population counts, currency, languages, religions). New entries have been included for key figures who have recently come to prominence and world events.

The book also contains twenty-five detailed maps linked to key historical events and topics. These include the African slave trade, the Black Death, and the Normandy campaign. Also included are over 200 country maps. The dictionary is enhanced by entry-level web links which are accessed via a dedicated companion website.

Encyclopedic in scope, this ambitious A to Z provides an excellent overview of world history both for students and anyone with an interest in the subject.
In these days, when a quick search on the web brings up much of this information, there is still room for a reference book, especially one as inexpensive as this, to provide corroboration and, sometimes, correction of unauthenticated postings. Chris Green, Suffolk & Norfolk Life