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A Drawing a Day

366 Drawings. Tear-off Pad
2015. 376 p. w. col. ill. 22 cm
ISBN: 1-409-58125-X (140958125X)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-409-58125-3 (9781409581253)

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The Usborne Beginners series is a great introduction to non-fiction for young readers. Each book is packed with brilliant photographs and illustrations, and simple, bite-sized chunks of text. Other animal-related titles in this series include Dangerous Animals, Tigers, Snakes, Spiders, Bears and Dinosaurs. Readers can find out lots more online through a range of carefully selected websites which can be accessed via the Usborne Quicklinks website.
A tear-off activity pad to inspire year-round creativity. Draw something different every day of the year with 365 activities - all you need is a pen. Lots of hints and tips are provided to ensure satisfying results every time.