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Margo Handwerker, Richard Saxton (Beteiligte)

A Decade of Country Hits

Herausgegeben von Handwerker, Margo
2015. 544 S. 23 cm
Verlag/Jahr: JAP SAM 2015
ISBN: 9490322407 (9490322407)
Neue ISBN: 978-9490322403 (9789490322403)

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Art has its Billboard charts. These are based on exhibitions and reviews,most of which focus on major art centers. A Decade of Country Hits -Art on the Rural Frontier is devoted to uncharted hits thriving instead onthe margins - on rural aesthetics and rural knowledge.It presents ten years of collective works initiated by artist Richard Saxton inrural communities around the world, from the Midwest and the Southwest toparts of Europe, Australia and South America. Saxton and his collaborators are enthusiastic champions of the rural experience. Described as non-heroic,their projects are impossible to attribute to any one person or to any oneartistic genre.A Decade of Country Hits. Art on the Rural Frontier includes a selectionof photographs from Saxtons Rural Research Archive; the work ofmunicipal WORKSHOP and the M12 Collective, collaborative groups that Saxton established in 2002 and 2007; new collaborations with likeminded artists, musicians and fiction writers; as well as informational essays about the not-so-peripheral appeal of this work.