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S. Sörlin, P. Warde (Beteiligte)

Nature´s End

History and the Environment
Herausgegeben von Sörlin, S.; Warde, P.
2009. 2009. xii, 368 S. 235 mm
ISBN: 0-230-20347-7 (0230203477)
Neue ISBN: 978-0-230-20347-1 (9780230203471)

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Environmental History as a distinct discipline is now over a generation old, with a large and diverse group of practitioners around the globe. This book provides a reflection on the achievements, diversity, and direction of environmental history in its varied national, international and continental contexts.
Notes on Contributors Preface Introduction; S.Sörlin & P.Warde PART I: THE RISE OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL Imperialism and Environmental Change: Unearthing the Origins and Evolution of Global Environmental History; R.Grove & V.Damodaran Habitat, Possession and Community: Reflections on the History of Conservation Ideas; B.Adams The Field of Action: Agriculture and the Defining of the Environment in Pre-Industrial Europe; P.Warde The Global Warming That Did Not Happen: Historicizing Glaciology and Climate Change; S.Sörlin Genealogies of the Ecological Moment: Planning, Complexity and the Emergence of ´the Environment´ as Politics in West Germany, 1949-1982; H.Nehring PART II: HISTORY AND THE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES The Environmental History of Mountain Regions; R.Dodgshon Interdisciplinary Conversations: the Collective Model; A.Davies New Science for Sustainability in an Ancient Land; L.Robin PART III: MAKING SPACE: ENVIRONMENTS AND THEIR CONTEXTS Fifty-four, Forty, or Fight? Writing within and across Boundaries in North American Environmental History; M.Evenden & G.Wynn Modernity and the Politics of Waste in Britain; T.Cooper Why Intensity? Reflections on Long-Term Changes to Chinese Farming and the Institutional Steering of Modifications to the Environment; M.Elvin ´The pernicious calamities that occasion...hunger´: Climate Variability and Social Vulnerability in Colonial Mexico; G.Endfield PART IV: ´THINGS HUMAN´ Destiny and Decision: Taking the Lifeworld Seriously in Environmental History; K.Hastrup Afterword; P.Burke Index
´Nature´s End is both an adept explanation of the ways in which historians can make the environment a central theme, and a treasure trove packed with gems of essays by leading scholars who show how it is done. This book is a state-of-the-art guide to contemporary questions in global environmental history.´

- J. Donald Hughes, University of Denver, USA

´This volume makes a contribution not only to the history of the environment, but also to its historiography and to the history of thought about the environment It contributes to bridge-building between disciplines and also to a dialogue with other kinds of historian, whether they work on politics or culture.´

- Peter Burke, University of Cambridge, UK

´Leading scholars of environmental history clarify the discipline´s epistemological context

and offer compelling case studies. Nature´s End is indispensable reading for all who seek to meld the various communities of knowledge of our world.´

- Carole Crumley, University of North Carolina, USA

´Nature´s End deserves a wide audience. Environmental historians of all sorts will find it useful, as few such collections can boast such a rich and diverse array of contributions, ranging widely in geographical and chronological scope and presenting several methodological and conceptual approaches.´ - William Cavert, H-Environment

´...thought-provoking...Hopefully, this volume will guide environmental and cultural historians towards fruitful interaction.´ - European History Quarterly