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Jorge Perez, Donald J. Trump (Beteiligte)

Powerhouse Principles

The Ultimate Blueprint for Real Estate Success in an Ever-Changing Market
Mitarbeit: Trump, Donald J.
2009. 288 p. 9.0000 in
Verlag/Jahr: PENGUIN US; CELEBRA 2009
ISBN: 0-451-22705-0 (0451227050)
Neue ISBN: 978-0-451-22705-8 (9780451227058)

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The #1 private developer in the U.S., Jorge Pérez reveals his billionaire secrets for power investors.BR
Known as the King of Condominiums and the Steven Spielberg of Real Estate, top developer Jorge Pérez reveals his principles for achieving success in even the toughest real estate market through a clear, step-by-step process. Pérez specifies effective business tactics that will lead to evergreen profits, including:

? Key points to smart investing
? Cardinal rules for picking and building property
? Commandments on negotiating the best deal
? Valuable tips on securing equity
? Steps for successfully selling property

Finally, Pérez explains how to manage and grow investments over the long term.

Emphasizing the importance of staying flexible in an ever-changing market, Pérez offers personal anecdotes, key business philosophies, and top insider methods to inspire and motivate any investor or entrepreneur to achieve the ultimate success in real estate.
"[A] solid guide to getting into the real estate market...PTrez´s motivational language translates easily into concrete advice."
-Publishers Weekly
Top developer Jorge Pérez began his massive success in the real estate industry during a difficult market like today´s, and he is convinced that investors at any level can do the same.
As a member of the top 200 on the Forbes 400 list of richest Americans, a billionaire, and one of Time Magazine´s 2005 top 25 most influential Hispanics, Jorge Pérez started with no financial assets and has come to master the ups and downs of the real estate business better than anyone in the country.