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A. Musolff, J. Zinken (Beteiligte)

Metaphor and Discourse

Herausgegeben von Musolff, A.; Zinken, J.
2009. 2009. xi, 269 S. 216 mm
ISBN: 1-13-753998-4 (1137539984)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-13-753998-4 (9781137539984)

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The contributors present a coherent collection of work on the functioning of metaphor in public discourse and related discourse areas from a broadly cognitive-linguistic background, providing a state-of-the-art overview of research on the discursive grounding of metaphor from a cognitive-linguistic perspective.
Acknowledgements Introduction: A Discourse-Centred Perspective on Metaphorical Meaning and Understanding; J.Zinken & A.Musolff PART I: METAPHOR IN DISCOURSE: THEORETICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVES Metaphor, Culture, Discourse: The Pressure of Coherence; Z.Köve cses Three Kinds of Metaphor in Discourse: A Linguistic Taxonomy; G.Steen Reading Sonnet 30: Discourse, Metaphor and Blending; P.Chilton Collecting Political Meaning from the Count of Metaphor; C.De Landtsheer Metaphor and Context: A Perspective from Artificial Intelligence; J.Barnden PART II: METAPHORS IN CONTEMPORARY PUBLIC DISCOURSES: CASE STUDIES Metaphor and Political Communication; J.Charteris-Black Missions and Empires: Religious and Political Metaphors in Corporate Discourse; V.Koller How Business Press Headlines get their Message Across: A Different Perspective on Metaphor; M.White & H.Herrera MRSA - Portrait of a Superbug: A Media Drama in Three Acts; B.Nerlich & N.Koteyko PART III: METAPHOR EVOLUTION IN DISCOURSE HISTORY Shifting Identities: Metaphors of Discourse Evolution; R.Frank ´Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be´: Linguistic Mercantilism in Renaissance France; D.Cowling Interpretations of the Body Politic and of Natural Bodies in Late Sixteenth-Century France; K.Banks Bodies Politic and Bodies Cosmic: the Roman Stoic Theory of the ´Two Cities´; J.Zavadil Metaphor in the History of Ideas and in the History of Dis course: How Can We Interpret a Medieval Version of the Body-state Analogy?; A.Musolff Commentary: Studying Metaphor in Discourse: Some Lessons, Challenges and New Data; R.W.Gibbs, Jr . & J.E.Lonergan Index
"Through contributions by scholars from a wide range of disciplines such as linguistics, artificial intelligence, psychology, and politics, this volume offers an interdisciplinary, contextualized and synchronic-diachronic combined exploration of various aspects of metaphor in naturally occurring discourses... [It] is an excellent contribution for metaphor scholars, discourse analysts, and other researchers in relevant fields." - Discourse Studies