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S. Jestrovic, Y. Meerzon (Beteiligte)

Performance, Exile and ´America´

Herausgegeben von Jestrovic, S.; Meerzon, Y.
1st ed. 2009. 2009. xiii, 266 S. 11 SW-Abb. 216 mm
ISBN: 1-349-36535-1 (1349365351)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-349-36535-7 (9781349365357)

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This collection investigates dramatic and performative renderings of ´America´ as an exilic place particularly focusing on issues of language, space and identity. It looks at ways in which immigrants and outsiders are embodied in American theatre practice and explores ways in which ´America´ is staged and dramatized by immigrants and foreigners.
List of illustrations Series editors´ preface Acknowledgements Notes on contributors Introduction: Framing ´America´: Between Exilic Imaginary and Exilic Collective; S.Jestrovic & Y.Meerzon PART 1: ´AMERICA´ BETWEEN THE EXILIC IMAGINARY AND THE EXILIC COLLECTIVE Land of Air-conditioning and Opportunity: America on the Irish Stage; E.Fitzpatrick Ninety Miles Away: Exile and Identity in Recent Cuban-American Dramas; Y.Prizant An American Mile in Others´ Shoes´ - The Tragicomedy of Immigrating to the 21st Century U.S.; D.Manole The American Landscape Reconsidered. On Theatricality of Urban America in the Russian Émigré Writings, with the special focus on Vasily Aksyonov´s works; Y.Meerzon PART 2: AMERICAN PERFORMATIVITY Theatres in America: Brecht and Kafka; F.Rokem America Relocated - Karel Capek´s Robots between Prague, Berlin and New York; V.Ambros At Home in Exile: Finding America in Casablanca and Camino Real ; A.Ackerman PART 3: AMERICA AND THE OTHER: FROM REPRESENTATION TO INTERVENTION De-Territorializing Voices: Staging the Middle East in American Theatre; E.Jaffe-Berg Current Trends in Arab-American Performance; D.Basiouny & M.Carlson Bombing (on) the Border: Ali& Ali and the aXes of Evil as Transnational Agitprop; J.Wasserman Exiles and the City: Krzysztof Wodiczko´s New York Interventions of Making the Familiar Strange; S.Jestrovic Index
´a fresh critical perspective on exilic discourse...This collection introduces a stimulating approach to understanding the diversity of exilic experiences, emphasizing that the ways in which exile is experienced in reality and fantasy cannot be exhausted in a single collection.´ - Contemporary Theatre Review
ALAN ACKERMAN Associate Professor, English Department, University of Toronto, Canada VERONIKA AMBROS Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Toronto, Canada DALIA BASIOUNY Artist, academic, translator and newscaster MARVIN CARLSON Sidney E. Cohn Professor of Theatre and Comparative Literature, Graduate Center of the City University of New York, USA LISA FITZPATRICK Lecturer in Drama, University of Ulster, UK ERITH JAFFE-BERG Assistant Professor, Department of Theatre, University of California, Riverside, USA DIANA MANOLE Doctoral Candidate, Graduate Centre for Study of Drama, University of Toronto, Canada YAEL PRIZANT Assistant Professor, Department of Film, Television and Theatre, University of Notre Dame, USA FREDDIE ROKEM Professor, Department of Theatre Arts, Tel-Aviv University, Israel JERRY WASSERMAN Professor of English and Theatre and Head of the Department of Theatre and Film, University of British Columbia, Canada