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Alexis Polycarpou

Voltage Sag Indices in Electrical Power Systems

Standards and Development
2009. 236 S.
Verlag/Jahr: VDM VERLAG DR. MÜLLER 2009
ISBN: 3-639-12727-7 (3639127277)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-12727-0 (9783639127270)

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Voltage sag is defined as a short reduction in
voltage magnitude for a duration of time. It is
considered to be the most common power quality
This book presents various voltage sag indices
proposed by electrical association organisations as
well as ones suggested by researchers. Furthermore,
mathematical descriptions of proposed voltage sag
indices are
derived. The indices are verified against various
types of load, loading levels, and line X/R ratios.
Mathematical analysis and verification against the
IEEE four and thirteen node test feeders concludes
in various versatile real time voltage sag indices
known as the combined voltage index and voltage
sag proximity index .
In order to illustrate the real time applicability
of the voltage sag indices they are used in
conjunction with a mitigation technique, where they
are proven to be efficient and discriminative.
Furthermore, a methodology is mathematically
developed and proposed for Interconnected System
Voltage Sag Prediction. The proposed methodology is
verified through successful application of the steps
on IEEE four bus interconnected system.
A. Polycarpou received his BEng, MSc and PhD in Electrical Power
Systems. He then worked as an international R&D engineer for
Siemens AG. He is currently a Lecturer at the Electrical
Engineering Department of Frederick University, Cyprus. His
research interests include electric arc phenomena,power
quality,and system stability analysis.