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Didem Ízkiziltan

The new Governance of Occupational Health and Safety in Turkey

A portrait of an EU candidate
2009. 80 S.
Verlag/Jahr: VDM VERLAG DR. M▄LLER 2009
ISBN: 3-639-14405-8 (3639144058)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-14405-5 (9783639144055)

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Turkey, being an EU candidate country since 1999, is
in the process of transforming its Occupational
Health and Safety (OH&S) governance in accordance
with the EU s expectations thus changing its
legislation and reconstructing its institutional
capacity. Having negative experiences in terms of
high numbers of occupational accidents and diseases
despite its extensive OH&S legislation and the
long-established institutions to implement it, the
new governance of OH&S in Turkey introduced a
different perspective, which tends to transform it
substantially. However, supremacy of the economic
agenda to the social policy as a distinctive
characteristic of candidacy process is challenging
the new OH&S governance in Turkey. This study,
therefore, explores the new governance of OH&S during
Turkey s EU candidacy by building on the stance of
social policy and OH&S in the EU with a particular
emphasis on the new member states. The book will
attract the interests of researchers and students in
the fields of industrial relations, social policy,
European Studies, and political science.
MPhil & PhD Candidate in Social & Policy
Sciences, University of Bath, Bath, UK.