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Kevin Kelly, Marco Rauch, Barbara Rohloff, Stewart Stabik (Beteiligte)

Rohloff Stories

Hrsg.: Rohloff AG
Übersetzung: Stabik, Stewart; Kelly, Kevin
2010. 256 p. w. 480 ill. 30 cm
Verlag/Jahr: ROHLOFF 2010
ISBN: 3-00-031899-2 (3000318992)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-00-031899-3 (9783000318993)

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Rohloff Stories - a book from cyclists full of stories which wake the passion for cycling.
Following 10 years production of the 14-Speed bicycle gear-hub SPEEDHUB 500/14, the 100,000th gear-unit was hand built before an audience at the Eurobike show in Friedrichshafen. We used this occasion to take a look back to where it all started and kick off our new campaign - "WANTED-100.000 km", in which we set off in search of the kilometre kings and queens with their high-mileage SPEEDHUBs. The large number of participants now swapped their bike saddles for their desk stools and got to writing. SPEEDHUB users reported their informative and entertaining stories of how they reached the high mileage with their SPEEDHUB gear unit. The book also contains reports from our sponsored riders, our sporting achievements and is rounded off with a very personally written short story over the difficult but successful coming-of-age of the Rohloff AG. An interesting glance behind the scenes which tells the remarkable story behind the story. Last but not least, the technology of the SPEEDHUB is illustrated within the book to give all readers an insight into the wondrous hub which powers their bicycle. Approximately 480 pictures illustrate 256 pages and the resulting book captures the imagination of all readers, the stories, reports, successes and triumphs are just the thing to get the blood pumping in all passionate cyclists. "Rohloff Stories" is an ideal Christmas present which will inspire all readers and help Rohloff fans survive the winter months until the return of the cycling season.