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Denise H. Sutton

Globalizing Ideal Beauty

Women, Advertising, and the Power of Marketing
2012. xii, 210 S. 9 SW-Abb. 216 mm
ISBN: 1-13-702100-4 (1137021004)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-13-702100-7 (9781137021007)

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Globalizing Ideal Beauty is the forgotten history of a group of women copywriters whose successful ad campaigns went international in the 1920s and spread an American notion of feminine appeal from Bangor to Bangkok. Sutton┤s approach is grounded in a huge body of original archival research that has so far remained largely untapped.
Introduction From Suffrage to Soap ┤Good Looks Supremacy┤ Selling Prestige and Whiteness Selling Sex and Science J. Walter Thompson┤s International Expansion and the Ideology of Civilization J. Walter Thompson┤s International Ads Index
"Provides a glimpse into the origins of advertising and the key role that women played in creating today┤s global standard of feminine beauty . . .A useful volume for marketing as well as women┤s studies collections . . .Recommended." - Choice

"An empirically rich and beautifully written study of the complex and often contradictory roles that women and gender played in the history of American advertising. This should be essential reading for all those interested in understanding in what ways gender, class and race matter to the projection of American commercial culture at home and abroad." - Mona Domosh, Dartmouth College

"This absorbing book contributes to a growing body of sophisticated work about 20th century advertising. Sutton┤s study follows a group of avant-garde female copy writers, the J. Walter Thompson Women┤s Editorial Department, focusing particularly on the interwar years. Sutton shows how these class-conscious, professional, modern, feminist style-sett
ing copywriters created 20th century cosmetics advertising in JWT┤s imperialist, hyper-masculine corporate culture." - Tani E. Barlow, Ting Tsung and Wei Fong Chao Professor of Asian Studies, History Department, Rice University.
DENISE H. SUTTON has worked in higher education in New York City, USA, as a professor and administrator and at the Harlem Children┤s Zone as Director of Communications.