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A. Shai

Zhang Xueliang

The General Who Never Fought
1st ed. 2012. 2012. xiv, 174 S. 229 mm
ISBN: 1-349-32678-X (134932678X)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-349-32678-5 (9781349326785)

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The first book to tell the strange and fascinating story of General Zhang Xue-liang, the Chinese-Manchurian ´Young Marshall´ - a man who left an indelible mark on the history of modern China, but few know his story. Unlocking the mystery of this man´s life, Aron Shai helps to shed light on 20th-century China.
Maps and Illustrations Acknowledgements Notes on the Sources, Indexes and the Transliteration Introduction Opium and Government in Manchuria, 1901-1931 From One Incident to Another, From Manchuria to Xian, 1931-1936 "Forced Advice:" The Revolt against Chiang Kaishek, 1936 The Great Reconciliation, 1936-1937 The Wheel Turns 1936-1937 A General Drifting in the Wind, 1937-1946 Prisoner and Philosopher in Taiwan, 1946-1990 Twilight and Death in Hawaii, 1991-2001 Bibliography Indexes
ARON SHAI is the Rector (Provost) of Tel Aviv University, Israel. He is a Professor of History and East Asian Studies and the Incumbent of the Shoul N. Eisenberg Chair for East Asian Affairs. He has authored books on China´s modern history published in England, the United States, China and Israel, including Origins of the War in the East: Britain, China and Japan, Britain and China: Imperial Momentum, China in International Affairs, Twentieth Century China: Imperialism Imprisoned, The Fate of Foreign Firms in China: Imperialism Imprisoned, Sino-Israeli Relations: Current Reality and Future Prospects and has also published two historical novels, Benhazar - Son to a Stranger and She Used to Call him Mano.