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Radmila Stojanovi -Kiriluk

Piano Music of Marko Taj evi

Overview and Analysis
Aufl. 2012. 88 S.
ISBN: 3-639-44316-0 (3639443160) / 3-8364-2680-3 (3836426803)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-44316-5 (9783639443165) / 978-3-8364-2680-0 (9783836426800)

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Revision with unchanged content. Marko Taj evi (1900-1984) is one of the most celebrated composers from the former Yugoslavia. The most important influence on his music folk-music tradition of his country is evident in a number of his works. His opus to tals fifty-four compositions, including twelve works for piano. Until now, researches looked closely only at several of Tajcevic s piano pieces. This book is the first one that offers a survey and analysis of all of them, including those that are still in the manuscript form. The author of the book has examined several aspects of Taj evi s piano music: formal structure, tonality versus modality, different textures, use of arti culation and dynamic, and the influence of folk tradition. She has cate go rized pieces based on difficulty level and compositional styles and discussed each piece in details. Taj evi s music has great pedagogical value and piano teachers and their stu dents are among those who can benefit the most from this book. Professional musicians can also rely on this book for further research on Taj evi ´s music. In addition, the book is an excellent guide for a listener who would like to know more about his life and works.
Dr. Radmila Stojanovi -Kiriluk,a native of Serbia, has been active musician pianist, working at the same time on per for ming, teaching, and researching. Currently she lives in east Mesa, Arizona with her husband and two children and teaches piano at Arizona State University and Mesa Community College.