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Adeleh Shirangi

Occupational Health Risks in Veterinary Practice

Reproductive Health in Female Veterinarians
Aufl. 2012. 204 S.
ISBN: 3-639-44951-7 (3639449517) / 3-8364-4836-X (383644836X)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-44951-8 (9783639449518) / 978-3-8364-4836-9 (9783836448369)

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Revision with unchanged content. The Health Risks of Australian Veterinarians project was a retrospective cohort study of all graduates from Australian veterinary schools during 1960-2000. 1197 females participated in the survey. The survey showed occupational health risks are still important in veterinary practice. Most female veterinarians are exposed to a number of physical and chemical hazards and many have inadequate protection. The study used a new methodology to investigate the risks of pregnancy outcomes and revealed that occupational exposure to anaesthetic gases in the absence of scavenger system is associated with preterm delivery and spontaneous abortions while occupational exposures to radiation and pesticides are associated with birth defects and spontaneous abortion. This study contributes to reduce the adverse effects of occupational hazards, not only for veterinarians but also for other groups such as veterinary nurses, animal laboratory technicians, dentists, dental assistants, theatre nurses, surgeons and anaesthetists. Part of this book has been selected by the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine as teaching article for Continuing Medical Education.
PhD Public Health (OccupationalEpidemiology), The University of Western Australia, MPH,University of Adelaide, Australia, BSc. Public Health, IranMedical Science University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow,Institute for Child Health Research, UWA.Visiting Researcher,Imperial College of London.