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Brecken Chinn Swartz

Strategies in International Broadcasting

Communication Values Across Cultures
Aufl. 2012. 264 S.
ISBN: 3-639-44990-8 (3639449908) / 3-8364-2170-4 (3836421704)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-44990-7 (9783639449907) / 978-3-8364-2170-6 (9783836421706)

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Revision with unchanged content. Humans capacity to produce and distribute mediated messages across national and cultural borders is increasing at an unprecedented rate. What common language do we have to understand intentions as we convey our selves through media? This study makes a case for re-structuring how we think about communication values by going behind the scenes with journalists and editors at some of the world s most influential international media outlets. A new set of value criteria are tested and applied in real-world communication settings to provide a fuller vocabulary to describe the multi-faceted strategic decisions professional communicators make in preparing messages for the consumption of others. This book is an invaluable resource for broadcast professionals, academics, and aspiring communicators alike. The value scheme presented herein can serve as a cornerstone of any professional communication career.
Ph.D. is a Harvard-trained teacher, researcher, and communicator with a PhD in Communication from the University of Maryland. She is the founder and chair of the educational develop-ment network HandReach and managing director of Sinolink LLC, an international communication consultancy. She currently teaches communication at the University of Maryland and yoga at Greenbelt Om Community Yoga.