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Daren Despot

12 Facets of a Crystal

Stories from the JFE Writer´s Group 2012 Short Story/Essay Writing Competition
Herausgegeben von Despot, Daren
2012. 100 S. 220 mm
ISBN: 3-8454-4860-1 (3845448601)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-8454-4860-2 (9783845448602)

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12 Facets of a Crystal is a collection of short stories written by 12 internationally published authors from different parts of the world. 12 Facets of a Crystal is an end result of a short story writing contest. 12 authors contributed their stories to participate in the short story writing contest, published as 12 chapters in this book. 12 Facets of a Crystal is an anthology wherein each story is woven around an interesting plot. A reader s mind will oscillate between the real life experiences and world of fantasy, as presented through 12 short stories, formulated by 12 authors of different age groups and literary experience.
The incredible authors behind this collection span a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. From all around the globe, from all walks of life, and writing from all genres, these twelve gifted individuals have come together to contribute their stories for our first ever Short Story/Essay Writing Competition, as published here for you.