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Asterios Agkathidis

Computational Architecture

Digital Designing Tools and Manufacturing Techniques
2012. 160 S. zahlr. farb. Abb. 15 cm
Verlag/Jahr: BIS PUBLISHERS 2012
ISBN: 9063692870 (9063692870)
Neue ISBN: 978-9063692872 (9789063692872)

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This is a new title in the successful Architecture and Design Experiments Series edited by the author of Modular Structures in design and architecture and Digital Manufacturing in design and architecture. Computational Architecture showcases many form studies using digital tools and techniques like twisting, lofting, triangulating, drilling, knotting and framing. These techniques are used systematically to explore spatial, structural and geometrical conditions, leading to the emergence of abstract prototypes. As a second step each prototype is used to generate architectural solutions, enriched with data from site analysis and specific building programs.