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G. Bowerman

The New Chinese Traveler

Business Opportunities from the Chinese Travel Revolution
2014. 2014. xviii, 226 S. 203 mm
ISBN: 1-13-739728-4 (1137397284)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-13-739728-7 (9781137397287)

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This book explains the emerging trends and developments of Chinese outbound travel, alongside the motivations, desires and expectations of Chinese travelers themselves. Packed with interviews, this book will help businesses create products and services that meet the rapidly evolving and diversifying requirements of tech-savvy Chinese travelers.
1. Beyond the Middle Kingdom: The Makings of a Travel Revolution 2. Building A Brand New Industry: From ADS to the New Tourism Law 3. Going Global: China´s New Travel Class Spreads its Wings 4. Magnetised by Macau: Creating a Global Tourism Phenomenon 5. The Purchasing Prerogative: Hong Kong and Shopping Tourism 6. Sun, Sea & Shopping: China Goes to the Beach 7. Lights, Camera, Action: Chinese Tourism on TV and Film 8. All Around the World: Tourism Marketers Target China 9. A Place to Stay: Checking in With Chinese Travellers 10. Taking Flight: China´s Aviation Revolution 11. The Media Game: Publishing for the Modern Traveller 12. Smart Travel, Chinese Style: Trip Planning and New Technology 13. Keeping it Local: Fast Trains, Ski Slopes and the ´New Macao´ 14. The Resort Revolution: Chinese Weekenders in Search of Style 15. Economics in Action: Business Travellers Explore New Frontiers
´Gary Bowerman offers a wide range of insightful snapshots illustrating the multi-faceted reality of China´s outbound tourism, which has already changed the rules of global tourism and will continue to do so in the coming years.´

-Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Georg Arlt, Director, China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI)

´Every tourism board in the world must court the Chinese tourist dollar in the coming years. Bowerman explains why in stunning fashion.´

-Sam Chambers, Editor, Asia Cruise News

"Bowerman provides a detailed and comprehensive overview of the most important development of this century for the global travel industry: the rise of the global Chinese traveler. His account makes clear how crucial it is for any business that benefits from tourism to understand the major trends taking shape in this travel revolution."

-Liz Flora, Editor, Jing Daily

´Gary Bowerman has produced a map to an unfamiliar new world: How did the Greek island of Santorini become a Chinese wedding destination? Why does Audrey Hepburn help sell cruises to Chinese travelers? What allowed a British travel company to craft popular Chinese trips to Antarctica? In his efficient, knowledgeable guide, Bowerman casts a light on fast-changing trends, tensions, and opportunities presented by the planet´s largest source of new travelers.´

-Evan Osnos, former China correspondent for The New Yorker; author of Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth and Faith in the New China
Gary Bowerman is Director of Scribes of the Orient, an Asia-based marketing and communications agency. He previously held key positions at leading travel, trade and consumer publishing companies in the UK, was a researcher for Rough Guides and managed the post-9/11 re-launch of a quarterly magazine for the American Society of Travel Agents. In China, where he has lived and worked since 2004, he was Shanghai co-editor for Zagat, and spent two years as Editor in Chief of Shanghai Business Review. Since co-founding Scribes of the Orient in 2008, Bowerman has worked closely with travel and tourism brands in China, across Asia and worldwide. This has given him unique insights into the mindset of Chinese travellers and the approaches of brands and destinations seeking to connect with them.