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R. Maisel, S. McClennen (Beteiligte)

Is Satire Saving Our Nation?

Mockery and American Politics
2014. 2014. xxi, 240 S. 235 mm
ISBN: 1-13-742796-5 (1137427965)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-13-742796-0 (9781137427960)

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The book studies the intersections between satirical comedy and national politics in order to show that one of the strongest supports for our democracy today comes from those of us who are seriously joking. This book shows how we got to this place and why satire may be the only way we can save our democracy and strengthen our nation.
Table of contents Preface Chapter 1: The Politics of Seriously Joking Chapter 2: Comedy U: Lessons Learned Where You Least Expect It Chapter 3: Some of the News That´s Fit to Print: Satire and the Changing News Cycle Chapter 4: The Dynamic Duo: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Redefine Political Satire Chapter 5: When I Mock You, I Make You Better: How Satire Works Chapter 6: Mesmerized Millennials and BYTE-ing satire: Or How Today´s Young Generation Thinks Chapter 7: Savin´ Franklin: Satire Defends Our National Values Chapter 8: Laughing So Hard I Could Cry: Analyzing the Satire Scare Chapter 9: I´m Not Laughing at You, I´m Laughing With You: How to Stop Worrying and Love the Laughter
Author Sophia A. McClennen: Sophia A. McClennen is Professor of Comparative Literature, Spanish, and Women´s Studies at the Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA where she directs the Center for Global Studies and the graduate program in Comparative Literature.