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Lucy Nicholas

Queer Post-Gender Ethics

The Shape of Selves to Come
1st ed. 2014. 2014. x, 230 S. 216 mm
ISBN: 1-349-45812-0 (1349458120)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-349-45812-7 (9781349458127)

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Can society operate without gender and even biological sex classifications? Queer Post-Gender Ethics argues that we could exist, formulate our relationships and be sexual in more androgynous ways. Outlining a political vision for how a post-gender sociality might be achieved, it presents queer social practices for a truly gender neutral world.
Introduction 1. The Resilience of Bigenderism 2. Diagnosing and Transcending Sexual Difference 3. Gender Justice 4. Philosophical Arguments for Post-Gender Ontological Ethics 5. Queer Futures and Queer Ethics: Sketching Inexhaustibly Reciprocal Androgyny 6. The Politics of Implementing Post-Gender Ethics: Beyond Idealism / Realism 7. The Fully Armed Self: Cultivating Post-Gender Subjects 8. Ethical Post-Gender Sexual Relationships and Communities Conclusion: Utopian Realism
"This text challenges the reader with the analysis of theory and practice and does encourage a critical reading and thinking of selected theorists to prompt a move past normative notions of sex/gender. This book encourages the reader to consider new ways of thinking and it questions normative sex/gender assumptions charting the expansive possibilities of moving beyond the constraints and limitations of either/or binaries." (Nikki Fairchild, Women┤s Studies International Forum, Vol. 57, July-August, 2016)

"In Queer Post-Gender Ethics, Lucy Nicholas offers a utopian model for post-gender selfhood, one that moves beyond the presumed inescapability of binary gender and into an imaginative ┤androgynous ethos┤ featuring an ┤ethics of reciprocity.┤ ... Queer Post-Gender Ethics is especially useful for those exploring the limitations and pleasures of gender in advanced queer and feminist theory classes and discussion groups as a productive response to the question of whether binary gender is, or should be, truly eradicable." (Contemporary Sociology, Vol. 45 (1), January, 2016)

Lucy Nicholas is Lecturer in Sociology at Swinburne University, Australia. Research interests include gender, feminist, and queer theory, and social practices which challenge gender and sexual difference.