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Corrie Brague, Ryan Champlin, Frank Densborn (Beteiligte)

Enterprise Information Management with SAP

Mitarbeit: Brague, Corrie; Champlin, Ryan; Densborn, Frank
2nd ed. 2014. 605 S. 9 in
Verlag/Jahr: RHEINWERK VERLAG 2014
ISBN: 1-493-21045-9 (1493210459)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-493-21045-9 (9781493210459)

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Learn how to effectively manage your data with the tools in SAP´s EIM offering. From SAP Data Services to the latest solutions like SAP PowerDesigner, you´ll learn what the different solutions are and how they work together. Then, get started using them for common tasks with the help of step-by-step instructions and guiding screenshots. This is the resource you need to make sure your enterprise is sitting on a solid foundation - of clean data!
Information on SAP s EIM Offerings
Find detailed information on SAP s different EIM solutions to learn what they can do for you. In addition, see real-world, practical examples of these tools in use.
Step-by-Step Instructions
Get to know each EIM tool. Explore the steps you need to use the solutions for the most common tasks, and use the accompanying screenshots to make sure you re on track.
The Classics and the Newcomers
From SAP Data Services and SAP Information Steward to new topics like SAP HANA Cloud Integration and SAP Power Designer, find what you need to get started.
Ryan Champlin has more than 14 years of experience in the
field of information management, having worked within
both engineering and product management organizations.
At Business Objects and SAP, he played an instrumental role
as a product manager on the industry´s first single platform
for data quality and data integration: SAP Data Services. He
currently works as the director of engineering within the
SAP HANA team at SAP, where he is responsible for driving
new innovations on the SAP HANA platform around information
management and the data quality management solutions for various SAP applications (e.g., SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP MDG).

David Dichmann is director of product management for
SAP´s enterprise architecture and modeling tool, PowerDesigner.
David manages the product management team, driving
next-generation modeling and architecture. David has
more than 24 years of industry experience in both technical
and business roles, working with small, start-up, and established
businesses. David has been published in industry
magazines and is a regular speaker at industry events.

Ina Felsheim is a director of solution management for
SAP´s EIM products. She has been with SAP since 1997, and
currently works on information governance and end-to-end
use scenarios. She has managed a diverse set of EIM products
and is the SAP point person for both the Data Governance
and Data Management SIGs, as well as the EIM Influence

Markus Kuppe is vice president and chief solution architect for SAP Master Data Governance. Since joining SAP development in 1997, he led various programs across the SAP Business Suite in topics such as reporting, user experience, or architecture-always in close collaboration with customers. He is a frequent author and speaker at business events. Markus holds a degree with distinction in mathematics (Dipl. Math.) from the University of Darmstadt, Germany.