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Mahmood Barbooti, Adil Hamadi, Dathar Khashab (Beteiligte)

Environmental Site Assessment Of Daura Refinery

2014. 152 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2014
ISBN: 3-639-66866-9 (3639668669)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-66866-7 (9783639668667)

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Summary: This is an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of Daura refinery located in Baghdad, Iraq. The study is supported by Arab Science and Technology Foundation. The study as supported by Photos, marked by GPS data. Soil samples were collected at various depths from production units, storage tanks, the landfill lagoons at the outside boarder of the refinery and the residence location. Rain water also collected and analyzed. Hydrocarbon, HC, in soil, heavy metals, HM, in soil, oil content of water, soil texture, and common water parameters were evaluated. Field and lab methods of analysis were employed. Turbidimetry was used for HC in soil determination. Wastewater treatment plant is operating efficiently. some production units add load on them. No pollution with asbestos could be detected. The HM contamination of soil is mainly of organo-metallic nature. Storage tanks is a serious polluting sources via leakage or overflow of the drainage collection channels. The pollution sometimes extended deep in the soil, 80-100 cm. Maintenance operations contribute to pollution by heavy sludge, mud and inorganic matter. The soil is contaminated with relatively heavy HC of resinous nature.
Professional analytical and environmental chemist with experience in instrumental methods of analysis, environmental field and lab work, Principal investigator for two Environmental site assessment following UNEP system, and water treatment projects, 80 papers and 9 patents and supervised many Ph. D and M. Sc. students in chemistry and chem. Eng.