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A. Balasubramanian, V. K. Brijesh (Beteiligte)

Hydrogeological Studies & Groundwater Modeling

Bharathapuzha Basin, Kerala, India
2014. 296 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2014
ISBN: 3-639-71113-0 (3639711130)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-71113-4 (9783639711134)

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Groundwater studies touch all realms of the hydrologic cycle.Sustainable management of this precious natural resource is possible only when there is a complete understanding of all the processes responsible for its storage in different aquifers as well as its movement from place to place.So it will require the knowledge about soils, geology, and structural features associated with the groundwater reservoirs.This book is the result of such an integrated study of groundwater in a tropical river basin in South India. The water level variations and groundwater chemistry is explained here in some detail for identifying the discharge and recharge ares in the basin and also to find the suitability of water for various uses.The geologic controls of water chemistry and its spatial variation throughout the basin is also illustrated with the help of statistical as well as GIS tools.A separate chapter on modeling is a highlight of this work.This will definitely benefit hydrogeologists, postgraduates and researchers in geology, geography students interested in morphometric analysis of river basins and also professionals in various fields of geoinformatics.
V. K. Brijesh,Ph.D,is an Assistant Professor in the Dept.of PG Studies & Research in Geology, M E S Ponnani College,University of Calicut,India.He had his Doctoral Degree from the University of Mysore.Dr.Brijesh has served the Kerala State Groundwater Dept.also.His areas of interest are Hydrogeology, Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.