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Rubul Buragohain, Padma Raj Gajurel, Parakkal Rethy (Beteiligte)

Diversity and Taxonomy of Moraceous species in Arunachal Pradesh,India

2014. 252 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2014
ISBN: 3-639-71491-1 (3639714911)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-639-71491-3 (9783639714913)

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The book provides detail diversity and taxonomy of Moraceous species in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, India. This book can be used as a comprehensive guide for the identification and understanding the detail characters of Moraceae family. The unexplored distribution status of the family and variations among and within the species in Arunachal Pradesh make this book a unique adventure. The book provides distribution status of more than 60 species of the family in the state.The present taxonomic enumeration of the Moraceae is the first complete systematic account of the family with complete distributional records and characterization supported through dichotomous key have not been found in any of the taxonomic work from the the North East region of India. Besides key and characterization of species, another important aspect included in the book is the examination of nomenclatural anomalies for inclusion of correct name of all the species through consultation of some of the recent publications and data bases. Hence, the book helps in understanding the diversity and taxonomy of the family in the state of Arunachal Pradesh and Eastern Himalayan Region as well.
Dr.Rubul Buragohain,Senior Research Fellow in Department of Forestry,North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology, Arunachal Pradesh.He obtained 1st class M.Sc degree from Guwahati University. He did his Ph.D degree from NERIST(DEEMED UNIVERSITY),Arunachal Pradesh,India, in 2014.He is also actively engaged in medicinal plant research.