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Franziska Boehm

Information Sharing and Data Protection in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice

Towards Harmonised Data Protection Principles for Information Exchange at EU-level
2012. 2014. xii, 468 S. 1 SW-Abb.,. 235 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SPRINGER, BERLIN 2014
ISBN: 3-642-44723-6 (3642447236)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-642-44723-5 (9783642447235)

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Privacy and data protection in police work and law enforcement cooperation has always been a challenging issue. Current developments in EU internal security policy, such as increased information sharing (which includes the exchange of personal data between European law enforcement agencies and judicial actors in the area of freedom, security and justice (Europol, Eurojust, Frontex and OLAF)) and the access of EU agencies, in particular Europol and Eurojust, to data stored in European information systems such as the SIS (II), VIS, CIS or Eurodac raise interesting questions regarding the balance between the rights of individuals and security interests. This book deals with the complexity of the relations between these actors and offers for the first time a comprehensive overview of the structures for information exchange in the area of freedom, security and justice and their compliance with data protection rules in this field.
Introduction.- Data Protection Standard in the AFSJ.- AFSJ Actors in the Light of the European Data Protection Standard.- Cooperation and Data Exchange of the AFSJ Actors and Their Compliance with the European Data Protection Standard.- Perspectives and Suggestions for Improvement.- Concluding Remarks.