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Sarah Rutherford

Womenīs Work, Menīs Cultures

Overcoming Resistance and Changing Organizational Cultures
1st ed. 2011. 2015. xvii, 250 S. 235 mm
ISBN: 1-349-32902-9 (1349329029)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-349-32902-1 (9781349329021)

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Corporate diversity programs often fail because of resistance in workplace culture. The author sets out an approach to real change by analysing the role of organisational cultures in marginalising women workers. Based on academic research, case studies and interviews, the author presents a new model for changing organisational culture
Context Introduction Women in Society Belonging - Meanings of Organizational Culture The Gender Agenda Part I - Equal Opportunities, Diversity, Inclusion - Whatīs in a Word? Part II - The Business Case - Refocused, Renewed, Repeated? Part III - Gender Awareness in Organizations Style Matters The public/private divide Are you going home already? - The Long Hours Culture Letīs have a drink! - Informal networking and socialising Sex in the office Leaders and Men On the Road to Change
SARAH RUTHERFORD runs her own diversity consultancy company, Rutherford Associates. She is a former financial journalist and was a non-executive director of investment bank Singer & Friedlander from 2003-2006. She has published a number of articles and research reports on gender and organizational culture, and speaks regularly on the subject to many audiences, contributing to television and radio programmes.