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R. Rubenstein

Literary Half-Lives

Doris Lessing, Clancy Sigal, and Roman Ó Clef
1st ed. 2014. 2015. x, 226 S. 216 mm
ISBN: 1-349-48998-0 (1349489980)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-349-48998-5 (9781349489985)

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While Doris Lessing was composing The Golden Notebook , she was intimately involved with Clancy Sigal and their relationship influenced the literary methods of both writers. Focusing on literary transformations, Rubenstein offers compelling insights into the ethical implications of disguised autobiography and roman Ó clef .
Introduction 1. Hall of Mirrors 2. Truth Values and Mining Claims 3. Plays and Power Plays 4. Will the Real Saul Green Please Stand Up? 5. A Rose by any other Name 6. Life in the Interior Zone 7. Poetic License and Poetic Justice 8. Variations on a Theme 9. Of Parent and Child Conclusion: His, Hers, Theirs

Roberta Rubenstein is Professor of Literature at American University, USA. She is the author of the pioneering study The Novelistic Vision of Doris Lessing: Breaking the Forms of Consciousness (1979). Her other books include Boundaries of the Self: Gender, Culture, Fiction (1987); Home Matters: Longing and Belonging, Nostalgia and Mourning in Women┤s Fiction (2001); and Virginia Woolf and the Russian Point of View (2009). She has published more than thirty scholarly articles and book chapters on twentieth-century women writers, including Woolf, Lessing, Morrison, Atwood, Drabble, and others.