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Annelie Ramsbrock

The Science of Beauty

Culture and Cosmetics in Modern Germany, 1750-1930
1st ed. 2015. 2015. xii, 277 S. 15 SW-Abb. 235 mm
ISBN: 1-349-50428-9 (1349504289)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-349-50428-2 (9781349504282)

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What did the cosmetic practices of middle-class women in the nineteenth century have in common with the repair of men´s bodies mutilated in war? What did the New Woman of the Weimar years have to do with the field of social medicine that emerged in the same period? They were all part of a conversation about the cosmetic modification of bodies, a debate shaped by scientific knowledge and normative social models. Conceived as a cultural history, this book examines the history of artificially created beauty in Germany from the late Enlightenment to the early days of National Socialist rule.
PrefaceIntroduction 1. From Wisdom to Knowledge: Bodies and Artificial Beauty in the Eighteenth Century 2. Regulated Bodies: Cosmetics and Hygiene in the Nineteenth Century 3. Renovated Bodies: Medical Cosmetics from the Fin de Siècle to the Weimar Republic 4. Simulated Bodies: Cosmetics and Consumption in the Interwar Period 5. Knowledge and Political Conscience: Social Cosmetics during the Great Depression

Annelie Ramsbrock is a research associate at the Center for Contemporary Historical Research in Potsdam, Germany. She received her doctorate in 2010 from the Free University, Berlin.