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L. Barmann, C. Talar (Beteiligte)

Roman Catholic Modernists Confront the Great War

Herausgegeben von Talar, C.; Barmann, L.
1st ed. 2015. 2015. viii, 165 S. 2 SW-Abb. 216 mm
ISBN: 1-349-50710-5 (1349507105)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-349-50710-8 (9781349507108)

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This book project traces the thought of several Roman Catholic Modernists (and one especially virulent anti-Modernist) as they confronted the intellectual challenges posed by the Great war from war from 1895 to 1907.
Introduction; C. J. T. Talar 1. Alfred Loisy and the Great War; C. J. T. Talar 2. Laberthonniere and the "Great War": A "Modernist" in the Trenches; Giacomo Losito 3. Baron Friedrich von Hugel and the Great War; Lawrence Barmann 4. Joseph Sauer - a German "Modernist" in War Time; Claus Arnold 5. The Ways of Providence and the Sufferings of War: Canon Henri Delassus´s Les Pourquoi de la Guerre mondiale; C. J. T. Talar
"This book off ers an original contribution to the field. Rather than just considering the thought of the Roman Catholic Modernists after the period of ´Crisis,´ the contributors also address ´modernism´ within the context of the Great War and the identity crisis of ´modernity´ itself. As ultra-modern warfare caused unprecedented casualty counts, cultural catastrophe ensued, leading many to wonder, was rational ´civilization´ actually irrational ´barbarism´? These essays make us reconsider the ´Modernist Crisis´ within this broader traumatic historical context." Stephen Schloesser, Loyola University of Chicago, USA
Claus Arnold Lawrence Barmann Giacomo Losito C. J. T. Talar