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Melissa Baralt, Luis Cerezo, Ronald Leow (Beteiligte)

A Psycholinguistic Approach to Technology and Language Learning

Herausgegeben von Leow, Ronald; Cerezo, Luis; Baralt, Melissa
2015. XXII, 267 S. 14 b/w ill., 45 b/w tbl. 230 mm
Verlag/Jahr: DE GRUYTER 2015
ISBN: 1-61451-402-X (161451402X)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-61451-402-2 (9781614514022)

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Studies in Second and Foreign Language Education presents research on critical theoretical issues and empirical research which shape second and foreign language education. It provides a platform for the discussion of innovative and progressive curricular and teaching practice. The series includes work on: Theories and applications of innovative approaches to language acquisition/education Instructional methodologies Curriculum development Teacher education Language planning and evaluation Autonomous learning contexts Teaching/learning of less commonly taught languages SSFLE will be of interest to second and foreign language researchers and teachers, curriculum and materials developers, and language policy planners.

The use of technology for second language learning is ever more present. This book offers a unique four-prong approach (theoretical, methodological, empirical, and pedagogical) to current and prospective uses of technology in L2 learning from a psycholinguistic perspective. It is accessible to teachers, graduate students, and professors of all disciplines interested in technology and L2 learning.
Ronald P. Leow, Georgetown University; Luis Cerezo, American University; Melissa Baralt, Florida International University.