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Stephen M. Russell

Examination of Peripheral Nerve Injuries

An Anatomical Approach
2. Aufl. 2015. 240 S. 155 Abb. 127 x 203 mm
Verlag/Jahr: THIEME, STUTTGART 2015
ISBN: 1-62623-038-2 (1626230382)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-62623-038-5 (9781626230385)

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Examination of Peripheral Nerve Injuries, Second

Edition, is an updated version of an anatomically based guide that teaches

neurosurgeons how to properly examine a patient with a suspected focal

neuropathy. This new edition contains unique, full-color illustrations

that, along with high-quality photographs, help readers master the details of

performing specific procedures and examinations on patients with peripheral

nerve injuries.Key Features:More than 80 new full-color

illustrations guide the reader through each techniquePhotographs

illustrate muscular examination techniquesAnatomical relationships

are emphasized throughout the bookFocuses on the most common

anatomical variations, using both schematic figures and simplified text

descriptions to facilitate learningNeurosurgeons and neurologists, as well

as residents in these specialties, will read this book cover to cover and refer

to it whenever they are preparing to examine patients with complex peripheral

nerve injuries.