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10 Ten-Minute Stories

2016. 256 p. w. col. ill. 194 mm
ISBN: 1-409-59674-5 (1409596745)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-409-59674-5 (9781409596745)

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Reports show that reading or being read to for ten minutes every day will significantly improve childrens reading skills. This short story collection supports this each story taking about ten minutes to read. Ideal for sharing with younger children; as children learn to read on their own they can tackle these simple stories on their own.Studies have shown that reading for just ten minutes a day can massively improve childrens literacy; this collection of stories will inspire children to do that and more.Ten stories from the Usborne Reading Programme - each retold for young readers and fully illustrated - are bound together in a lovely hardback edition which children will be proud to own and read.Part of Usborne´s amazing selection of story books for young children.