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Monica Valentinelli


The Gorramn Shiniest Language Guide and Dictionary in the Verse
2016. 160 p. colour ill. 218 mm
Verlag/Jahr: TITAN BOOKS 2016
ISBN: 1-78329-861-8 (1783298618)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-78329-861-7 (9781783298617)

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Insult your enemies in magnificent style and learn brand new declarations of love! This comprehensive Firefly language guide and phrasebook takes in both the history of language in the Verse and modern usage
"If you´re a person who proudly refers to themselves as a browncoat, though, and you love to learn about words and language, this is going to be a wonderful addition to your bookshelf." - Icv2

"This is a gorramn good book!" - Geek Alerts

"A great gift for your favourite browncoat" - Borg.com

"What does the slang term ´Ate his own gun´ mean? What is the significance of the Battle of Du-Khang?... Well, you can find all this out in the book." - Retrenders

"The art is great with stills from the show along with concept art and set pieces." - City of Films

"Harder to put down than a magnetic grappler" - Entertainment Buddha

"A no-brainer to pick up for Firefly fans." - Cinema Sentries

"This is a great book for Firefly fans. Enough said, buy it now." - Entertainment Buddha gift guide