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Martin Vlcek

Holistic Economics and Stock Markets

2016. 80 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2016
ISBN: 3-659-83725-3 (3659837253)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-659-83725-8 (9783659837258)

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The holistic economics studies the economy as whole. It takes as determining for its behavior nor properties of elements, nor sums of them, but a new quality of properties existing only in a holistic object. These properties describe the state of an object and its heading. This is an analogy with a living object. Connected with holistic properties are holistic functions, existing not on the level of elements and realizing intended goals of an object. A division of functions happens in the object, where one part solves interest of elements and the second one the interest of the object as whole - of the new quality. A structure over American firms is studied in the submitted work and therefore this is not a pure macroeconomic study. The work stands upon the work of a non-econometric model over time series of values of stocks and every assertion stands upon a result of an analysis made by this model. The discovered structure of functioning of a new object offers two shares. The first one is the understanding of an existence of a new object itself. The second one is the possibility of influencing it in a manner to make its further development relatively optimal.
Education in cybernetics.Fifteen years of macroeconomic forecasts on the Czech Ministry of Finances,five years of studies on American Stock Markets.