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Martin Vlcek

Existence of Mathematics - a Holistic View

2016. 100 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2016
ISBN: 3-659-84245-1 (3659842451)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-659-84245-0 (9783659842450)

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Mathematics in the submitted work is discussed not as an abstract creation of the man but as a natural part of all existing structures. Proofs and knowledge about a ubiquitous presence of the holistic principle of control in existing structures are used. Solution of a tension of an object is a basic principle of the holistic control. Successfulness of these process is evaluated by a part of control been on the top of a pyramid of control. A manifestation of a central position of this part is also a formation of the time of the object at what individual steps of control of the whole object proceeds. Then the time of the object and a work with it is a real manifestation of existence of mathematics. Finding out of a mechanism of time and thus of mathematics, too, was possible only because of a usage of a structural model of events. This model has incorporated in itself similar mechanisms as it finally helped to find out in the reality and is also a part of the submitted work.
Educated in the area of cybernetics - theoretical, technical and of living systems. Fifteen years in the Czech Ministry of Finances in a department of macroeconomic forecasts. A non-econometric model created followed by a start of study of macroeconomic control systems. Initial holistic structure discovered, verified by studies on Stock Markets.