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Ruth Mazo Karras

Sexuality in Medieval Europe

Doing Unto Others
3rd ed. 2017. 264 S. 236 mm
Verlag/Jahr: TAYLOR & FRANCIS 2017
ISBN: 1-13-886089-1 (1138860891)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-13-886089-6 (9781138860896)

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Sexuality in Medieval Europe challenges how the Middle Ages have been treated in histories to sexuality to show how views at the time were conflicted and complex. Focusing on marital sexual activity, as well as behavior that was seen as transgressive, chapters cover chastity, the church, and non-reproductive activity. The third edition has been updated throughout to include expanded coverage of Islamic and Jewish cultures and new ideas onmedieval sexual violence in relation to the modern world. A new companion website features an interactive timeline, links to key primary sources, and references to further reading. Essential reading for students of medieval history and culture.