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Kate Pankhurst

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World - Activity Book

With over 200 stickers
2017. 32 p. 30,5 cm
ISBN: 1-408-88996-X (140888996X)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-408-88996-1 (9781408889961)

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This fantastically great activity book celebrates some of the amazing women who have helped shape the world we live in. Packed full of short, fascinating facts and exciting activities, this book is informative and inspiring, offering hours of fun, celebrating girl power.
Join some of the world´s most inspiring women in this must-have activity book based on Kate Pankhurst´s number one bestselling title Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World. Full of fun and utterly inspiring activities and over 200 stickers.

Write your own stories with Jane Austen, lead a fashion revolution just like Coco Chanel and design your own pyjamas, walk in the footprints of Mary Anning and follow the dot-to-dot to uncover the skeletons of dinosaurs.

The world is full of amazing women, including you! Create beautiful postcards to send to some of the fantastically great women in your life and use the pages of this book to write down your own hopes and dreams for how you will change the world.

With accessible information about these brilliant women accompanying each activity, this book is full of fun, over 200 stickers and utterly inspiring activities!
Kate Pankhurst illustrates and writes from her studio in Leeds with her spotty dog, Olive. She loves a good story, the funnier the better and gets her best ideas by doodling in her sketchbook; because even quick wonky drawings can spark ideas for amazing plots. As a child Kate spent most of her time drawing silly characters and thinking up funny things for them to do; she feels very lucky to now do this as her job. A Carnegie longlisted author.