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Peter Swanson

All the Beautiful Lies

Export. 2018. 304 S. 9.212598 in
Verlag/Jahr: FABER & FABER, LONDON 2018
ISBN: 0-571-32718-4 (0571327184)
Neue ISBN: 978-0-571-32718-8 (9780571327188)

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In a dark and brilliant guessing game of a novel - evoking Patricia Highsmith and Agatha Christie - Peter Swanson once again displays his unique gift for lovingly reprising and refreshing mystery writing´s greatest tropes.
´He´s the real deal...´ JOE HILL

´Another read in one sitting from the best-selling Swanson.´ METRO

´A brilliantly original premise, delivered with panache.´ CLARE MACKINTOSH

On the eve of his college graduation, Harry is called home by his step-mother Alice, to their house on the Maine coast, following the unexpected death of his father.

But who really is Alice, his father´s much younger second wife? In a brilliant split narrative, Peter Swanson teases out the stories and damage that lie in her past. And as her story entwines with Harry´s in the present, things grow increasingly dark and threatening - will Harry be able to see any of it clearly through his own confused feelings?