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Jan-Benedict Steenkamp

Retail Disruptors

The Spectacular Rise and Impact of the Hard Discounters
2018. 264 p. 23,5 cm
Verlag/Jahr: KOGAN PAGE 2018
ISBN: 0-7494-8347-4 (0749483474)
Neue ISBN: 978-0-7494-8347-0 (9780749483470)

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Understand the strategies and business models used by hard discounters such as Aldi and Lidl, and learn techniques to remain competitive as they continue to disrupt the retail sphere.
Hard discounters are stores that sell a limited selection of consumer packaged goods and perishables - typically fewer than 2,000 Stock Keeping Units - for prices that are usually 50-60% lower than national brands. The best known hard discounters are Aldi and Lidl, but global brands include Trader Joe´s, EuroSpin, Biedronka, Netto and Leader Price. Their rise has been monumental; they have irrevocably changed the face of retail in Europe and Australia, and are making steady inroads into the US. Retail Disruptors: The Rise of the Hard Discounters explores the very real threat that hard discounters pose to traditional retailers and brand manufacturers.

Retail Disruptors is the first book that explores this upheaval, providing expert insight into the business models of the leading hard discounters, and what mainstream retailers and brand manufacturers can do to remain competitive in the face of disruption. Meticulously researched by two of the leading authorities in retail strategy, private labels, branding, and hard discounting, Retail Disruptors is essential reading for all brand manufacturers and retailers who want to retain the competitive edge.
How Hard Discounters are Disrupting the Traditional Retail Model
Hard Discounter Strategies
Understanding The Hard Discounter Business Model
Strategies of Key Hard Discounters: Aldi, Lidl, Trader Joe´s and DIA
Hard Discounter Success Around The World
The Next Frontier - Dissecting the US Grocer Retailscape
Competitive Counterstrategies for Conventional Retailers
How are Traditional Retailers Being Impacted by Discounter Entry?
How Conventional Retailers Can Compete with Hard Discounters
How to Increase Buying Power in Private Label Sourcing
Brand Manufacturer Strategies versus Hard Discounters
Competition - Creating Winning Brand Propositions versus Private Labels
Cooperation - Producing Private Labels for Hard Discounters
Co-opetition - Generating Successful Sales in Hard Discounter Stores
A Look into the Future of Disruptive Retailing