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Will Storr


How the West became self-obsessed
Main Market Ed. 2018. 368 S. 197 mm
ISBN: 1-447-28366-X (144728366X)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-447-28366-9 (9781447283669)

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Selfie explains how the West became self-obsessed and reveals the danger of this modern obsession - a ´fascinating´ (Guardian), ´brilliant´ (Independent) and ´electrifying´ (Financial Times) book.
´Fascinating´ Guardian
´Brilliant´ Evening Standard
´Electrifying´ Financial Times
´So interesting I literally couldn´t put it down´ Sunday Times

We are living in an age of heightened individualism. Success is a personal responsibility. Our culture tells us that to succeed is to be slim, rich, happy, extroverted, popular - flawless.

The pressure to conform to this ideal has changed who we are. We have become self-obsessed. And our expectation of perfection comes at a cost. Millions are suffering under the torture of this impossible fantasy.

It was not always like this. To explain how we got here, Will Storr takes us on a journey across continents and centuries. Full of thrilling and unexpected connections between history, psychology, economics, neuroscience and more, Selfie is an unforgettable book that makes sense of who we have become.

As featured on Russell Brand´s Under The Skin podcast.
Far more ambitious than its title might suggest . . . Selfie illuminates much of what feels peculiar about the world in 2017 . . . Storr has put in a formidable amount of work, he is irascibly good company, and he has something approaching genius for marshalling his material . . . This could be a pessimistic book. In fact, its insights are timely and welcome Richard Godwin Sunday Times
Storr, Will
Will Storr is a longform journalist and novelist. His features have appeared in various publications, including Guardian Weekend, The Times Magazine, Observer Magazine, GQ, Marie Claire and the Sydney Morning Herald. He is a contributing editor at Esquire magazine. He has been named New Journalist of the Year and Feature Writer of the Year, and has won a National Press Club award for excellence. In 2010, his investigation into the kangaroo meat industry won the Australian Food Media award for Best Investigative Journalism and in 2012, he was presented with the One World Press award and the Amnesty International award for his work on sexual violence against men.