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Mehmet Süzen

Induced Charge Computation

On the statistical mechanics of small systems
2018. 128 S. 220 mm
ISBN: 6-202-20671-3 (6202206713)
Neue ISBN: 978-6-202-20671-6 (9786202206716)

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One of the main aspects of statistical mechanics is that the properties of a thermodynamics state point do not depend on the choice of the statistical ensemble. It breaks down for small systems e.g. single molecules. Hence, the choice of the statistical ensemble is crucial for the interpretation of single molecule experiments, where the outcome of measurements depends on which variables or control parameters, are held fixed and which ones are allowed to fluctuate. Following this principle, this thesis investigates the thermodynamics of a single polymer pulling experiments within two different statistical ensembles. Moreover, if polymers are charged in confinement, coarse-graining is problematic, owing to dielectric interfaces. Hence, the effect of dielectric interfaces must be taken into account when describing physical systems such as ionic channels or biopolymers inside nanopores. It is shown that the effect of dielectrics is crucial for the dynamics of a biopolymer or an ion inside a nanopore. In the simulations, the feasibility of an efficient and accurate computation of electrostatic interactions in the presence of an arbitrarily shaped dielectric domain is challenging.
Süzen, Mehmet
Dr. Süzen, gebürtiger Zyprer, promovierte nach Abschluss seines Master-Studiums der Physik an der Eastern Mediterranean University, Zypern, am Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS) in Theoretischer Physik.