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K. R. Asha, Nataraj K. R., Mallikarjuna Swamy S. (Beteiligte)

Kidney Stone Detection Using FPGA

A study of high speed kidney stone detection and treatment process using FPGA
2018. 56 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2018
ISBN: 6-202-31307-2 (6202313072)
Neue ISBN: 978-6-202-31307-0 (9786202313070)

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Formation of kidney stone is life threatening and it is persisting worldwide. The people didn´t aware about the stone formation in its beginning stage. So, early detection of the disease is very important before damaging the organs gradually. The most popular Ultrasound scanning tool is used in diagnosis of kidney abnormalities. The identification of stone in the US based images is very much difficult due to the decreasing in contrast and presence of speckle noise. To eliminate the noise inside the US kidney images and to get better quality of the image connected to pre-processing and segmentation is done by using RD-LSS (Reaction diffusion level set method) to detect precise stone location. The proposed system is implemented with Virtex-2 Pro (FPGA) by writing the code in Verilog HDL.
Swamy S., Mallikarjuna
Dr. Mallikarjunaswamy S. is currently, Associate professor in the department of electronics and communication engineering, at SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore. He obtained his B.E. degree in Electronic & Communication Engineering from VTU in 2008, M-Tech. degree from VTU in 2010, and was awarded Ph.D. from Jain University in 2015.