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Imam Suyitno

The use of cognitive strategies in reading comprehension

2018. 112 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2018
ISBN: 6-202-31710-8 (6202317108)
Neue ISBN: 978-6-202-31710-8 (9786202317108)

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Reading is one aspect of language skills, which is included in written language skills. These skills are important aspects of learning activities, both learning languages and learning other materials. Therefore, student study success is determined by their ability to read, especially in understanding the information they learn. Many people learn years of reading, but the results they get are less than expected. Therefore, reading skills are an important problem that every student needs to master seriously. To understand the text, readers need strategy development. The development of these strategies is needed to select, predict, confirm, And validate the results of understanding. The development of this strategy is a mental process that is intentionally carried out by the reader in order to understand the author´s information conveyed through his writing. On the basis of his knowledge of strategy, readers try to choose and use that strategy to understand the text they are reading. The selection and use of the strategy are likely to support success in understanding text and can also reduce understanding of the text.
Suyitno, Imam
Prof. Dr. Imam Suyitno, M.Pd is a full-time lecturer of Indonesian language at Faculty of Letters, State University of Malang (UM). He holds Doctorate degree in Indonesian Language Education at State University of Malang (UM). Since becoming a lecturer, he manages the BIPA learning program, namely the COTI program (Consortium of Teaching Indonesia)