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Ram Swarup

The MRF-Stimulated Geo-Refrigeration

in Controlling the Global Warming and Energy Generation from Earth Quakes
2018. 120 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2018
ISBN: 6-202-31734-5 (6202317345)
Neue ISBN: 978-6-202-31734-4 (9786202317344)

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A redox conversion in geo-matters including many rock-forming minerals seems to begin with the traces of water and the other fluids endowed with specific vibrational structures composed of the electromagnetic fields and the seismic waves. The traces of gases, water and the other fluids associated with these geo-matters of anhydrous nature emerged during their crystallization in any fluid laden environment (Wilkins, R.W.T. et al. 1973). The compression of such fluids through the porous environment of earth employing Geo-IT under MRF-Perturbations could be a potential resource of geo-refrigeration to be enumerated using an appropriate computational fluid dynamics (CFD). The magneto-radio-frequency (MRF)-stimulated electronic stress induced fluid transmissions undergo the Joule-Thompson Effect that had been observed by the fluid flow through the prevailing porosity within the geo-rocks to undergo the process of geo-refrigeration. This Geo-Refrigeration technique using repeated Geo-Communications with radiofrequency transmissions through the earth environment may yield the fall in layers of earth crust potential enough to initiate Glaciarization so as to prevent Global Warming.
Swarup, Ram
Ram Swarup - Vice Chancellor, Singhania Univrsity, Pacheri Bari, District Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India.