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Hari Subramanian

Life-Mind-Truth and Consciousness

2018. 64 S. 220 mm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLAR´S PRESS 2018
ISBN: 6-202-31748-5 (6202317485)
Neue ISBN: 978-6-202-31748-1 (9786202317481)

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Can abstract mathematics, facts in science and engineering explain philosophical content? Are concepts in science and engineering independent of theology? Is Truth a fundamental concept peculiar to spirituality? What is the feature of mind if not physical? Are humans the only creatures in the universe that have mind and intelligence? How to characterize Life? How to understand intelligence and consciousness? Can an atheist also perceive these?
Subramanian, Hari
The author has schooling upto Ph.D in Mathematics from India. His teaching in universities, both in USA and India, explored the inter-influence between Algebra and other subjects. His career includes administration, as Dean of Faculty in BITS, Pilani. As retired professor, he views life and philosophy in abstract terms like in pure mathematics.