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Sue Wallman

Dead Popular

School can be so savage
2019. 272 p. 20 cm
Verlag/Jahr: SCHOLASTIC UK 2019
ISBN: 1-407-19294-9 (1407192949)
Neue ISBN: 978-1-407-19294-9 (9781407192949)

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Malice. Rumours. Murder? Queen bee Kate Jordan Ferreira doesn┤t rule the school by playing nice. She┤s ruthless. You don┤t become the most powerful girl around without stepping on a few victims, right? But when other students start revealing Long-hidden secrets about her, she realizes someone else is playing a dangerous game. They know far too much about Kate┤s past. If she doesn┤t figure out who┤s behind this, she┤ll be finished by the end of her final year at Pankhurst. But Kate had better be careful. It┤s not just her social life that┤s at stake. If she doesn┤t watch out, she┤ll end up dead. For real. Not just playing ...