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Tom Wood

Landscapes, 3 Vols.

2019. 528 S. 200 x 290 mm
Verlag/Jahr: STEIDL 2019
ISBN: 3-86930-742-0 (3869307420)
Neue ISBN: 978-3-86930-742-8 (9783869307428)

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These three volumes of Tom Wood´s new work, Landscapes, are drawn from the artist´s extensive unseen and unpublished landscape work. The first volume concentrates on Wood´s photographs made in response to the West of Ireland, County Mayo, the landscape of his birthplace and childhood and an area he has returned to as an artist almost every year since 1975. Taken over decades, views of this wild and remote landscape, many of them glimpsed from the car, bus or train during his journeys there, are combined with fragile fragments of surviving family photographs, video stills, and intimate and affectionate portraits of day-to-day life within a rural community.

The second volume consists of Wood´s landscapes predominantly made within Merseyside, where he lived and worked for 25 years, from 1978-2003. In this more urban environment, his landscapes encompass pictures of people´s homes and gardens, parks, wastelands, and the river Mersey. Wood moved to Wales in 2003 to address what he has referred to as "the matter of landscape." His open and experimental approach to photography means he is constantly pushing its formal and conceptual possibilities.

Selected from the photographs he has been making in Wales, the third volume is the most formally abstract of the three books and includes many photographs taken with a panoramic camera - complex, optically rich pictures with multiple points of view and focus.
Wood, Tom
Tom Wood was born in 1951 in County Mayo in the west of Ireland. He lived and worked on Merseyside between 1978 and 2003 before he moved to his current home in North Wales. Wood has published numerous books, including Bus Odyssey, People, All Zones Off Peak and Looking for Love. He has had solo and group exhibitions worldwide and his work is part of the collections of major museums. Steidl recently published his two-volume Men and Women.